:: electronoize playshops ::

Fluxmonkey/bbob offers introductory workshops on building basic electronic music circuits. Hands-on sessions introduce basic concepts of electricity/electronics through simple projects, starting with primitive noise-makes and progressing through basic building blocks like oscillators and filters. Emphasis is on simple gizmos that allow for immediate sound-making, rather than rigorous engineering theory. We also encourage playing (messing with the circuitry, as well as performing), hence the name "playshop". Appropriate for teens or adults, sessions can be customized to your needs/audience. Please email if you're interested in scheduling.

A blog from previous sessions provides step-by-step instructions for some of our projects. Tinkerers and experimenters can use these as reference, or refer to these detailed step-by-step instruction sheets:


Many of the later projects are based on Nicholas Collins' excellent book Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking, which we heartily recommend. During workshops we use a solderless breadboard, but we also sell a PCB (the Looney Board), which provides a more robust way to build permanent versions of the circuits you develop in workshop.