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CDs, cassettess, & now vinyl, fluxmonkey solo and various collaborations, for sale... click on the links to listen or buy. Prices are PPD in US; add $10 per order overseas. Discounts available at shows.

For gearheads, we also sell PCBs for circuits used on some of these recordings.

JGuy Laughlin & bbob drake: Liminality

J. Guy on percussion, bbob on electronics. Unsettled dreamscapes. 4 tracks, 12" Vinyl. (2018)


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fluxmonkey: Cryptosonology

Throwback to an earlier time, when noize was just noize. Live analog improv recorded direct to cassette 4track, no foolin'. 5 tracks, C-36. (2015)


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fluxmonkey: Failure Cake

Broken electronics... crumpled, fractured, fallen, smeared, shattered, shorted out... [more liner notes] 3 tracks, CD EP. (2015)


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jguy/bbob: Curiouser

JGuy Laughlin, percrussion; bbob drake, eclectronics...disruptive sonic conversation from the studio. 6 tracks, CD, letterpress cover. (2013)


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fluxmonkey: Songs About Fracking

Solo electronics... laments from trillobites uneasy in their beds. Released for Voice of the Valley 2013 festival. 4 tracks, CDR. (2013)


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Ryan Jewell vs David Russell/bbob drake

Split cassette release on A Sound Design recordings: Ryan Jewell solo percussion on side A; David & bbob on side B. (2012)


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Ryan Kuehn/bbob drake: Bean Soup

Studio collab with Ryan Kuehn (Thursday Club, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman)... itchy/scratchy musics without the blood. 4 tracks, C-60 on 905 tapes. (2012)


[Bean Soup: OOP—Digital download only]

fluxmonkey: Sorry Jack

Solo studio electronics, c40 on everyone else has a record label so why can't i? (2011).


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jguy/bbob: Regeneration

live recordings from 4 different 2009 gigs, captured and released by ryan kuehn on everyone else has a record label so why can't i?. 4 tracks, CDR. (2009)


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fluxmonkey: The Man in the Yellow Hat Serves Imperialism

early solo studio work, c40 on Temple of Pei. (2009)

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fluxmonkey: 05

debut solo EP... soothing, sorta. 4 tracks, CDR mini-disk, handmade cover, self-released. (2007)


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