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We are fans of "west coast" synthesis, and specifically Serge and Buchla. Folks like Ken Stone and Roman Filippov have done a great service by making PCBs for some of these classic designs available to the DIY community. We sell a few of our own PCBs based on early 100-series Buchla synthesizer modules. Long out of production, original 100 series modules fetch collector's prices; these PCBs allow folks to experiment with these wonderful "obsolete" circuits.

Buchla 100/200 Series Documentation Pages

  • Compendium of technical information on the 100 and 200 series Buchla synths: 70+ pages on all documented modules, with pictures, descriptions, and schematics... as well as links to DIY resources like PCB/kit suppliers and build reports. It's great to be part of a community helping to make these vintage instruments available again!

All our PCBs are provided on an as-is basis for personal use only. We offer PCBs, schematics, BOMs & build notes, and FPD files for front panels (see below); you will have to source parts and assemble them yourself. These are minimally supported projects meant for experienced DIYers; you need to be able to read schematics, source parts, stuff and solder the boards, wire off-board components, troubleshoot, and figure out the mechanical aspects such as front panels and housing.

PCBs are $15.00@/single, $25.00@/dual; ppd in the US, additional $10.00 postage/handling (per order) outside the US – international customers are also responsible for any import tariffs or fees. Use the Paypal "Add to Cart" buttons to purchase. Make sure your shipping address is included in the paypal transaction.

NEW! –  FPD panel designs files in buchla format!

Buchlaish PCBs

Dual 110 VC Gate

Discrete Voltage-controlled Gate

A pair of all-discrete VC Gates (VCAs) based on the Buchla 110 circuit. This design is transistor-based, and preceded the Lowpass Gate with its distinctive vactrol "ring" sound.


111 Ring Modulator

Discrete Ring Modulator, for bell tones and fans of Bebe Barron

All discrete ring mod based on the one half of the Buchla 111 circuit (original 111 was a dual; this PCB is for a single ring modulator).


(New!) 144 Dual Square Wave Oscillator

Discreet Dual Square Wave Oscillator

Dual square-wave voltage-controlled oscillators, with a frequency range of 5hz to 20khz. There is provision for wide band amplitude and frequency modulation.


(New!) 158 Dual Saw-Sine Oscillator

Discreet Dual Sine-Sawtooth Oscillator

Dual saw/sine voltage-controlled oscillators, with a frequency range of 5hz to 20khz. Waveshape is continuously adjustable from sine to sawtooth; oscillators may be wideband frequency modulated.

Coming soon!

160 Noise Generator

Noise in two flavors: "Flat" and "1/f".

Noise Source based on the Buchla 160 circuit. Great paired with the 194 Band Pass filter


Dual 180 AD Generator

Discrete Attack/Decay (envelope) generators

A pair of all-discrete attack/decay-style envelope generators, based on the Buchla 180 circuit.


194 Bandpass Filter

One input, four fixed-frequency filtered outputs.

All discrete transistor bandpass filter (not voltage controlled), based on the Buchla 194 circuit. One audio input, 4 filtered outputs: LP <200hz, BP 200-900hz, BP 900hz-4khz, and HP > 4khz. In conjunction w/ a 4-channel mixer, can be used as a comb filter or graphic EQ.


208 Random

One clock input, each clock cycle generates 4 coordinated pseudo-random outputs.

Pseudo-random control voltage generator, based on one section of the Buchla Music Easel. One clock input, 4 pseudo-random voltages out. Two CMOS chips & 2 LM3900s.


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