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Field Recordings/Sound design

Various projects focused on or adjacent to Field Recording

◊ Cicadas

I made dozens of recordings of periodical "Brood V" cicadas in 2016, and continue to follow them around the country each year to listen and record. I initially used these recordings in an 8-channel surround-sound installation at Satellite Gallery (Cleveland, 2016)—you can hear a stereo mix-down of that soundtrack below. Subsequently, they were incorporated into a geolocated sound walk, Echoes of Brood V, as well as being released as a CD (available on BandCamp).

Listen to a stereo mix-down based from the 8-channel installation:
Image of periodical cicada on leaf

◊ Frogs

For the installation "Valentine Bog" by my partner Kristen Ban Drake (Doubting Thomas Gallery, Cleveland 3/23), I provided an 8-channel soundscape combining original frog and hydrophone recordings.

Listen to a stereo mix-down based from the 8-channel installation:

◊ Ana Gnjatovic / TreeBark Recipes

For an online collection of sound works showing befores and afters of insects and spiders inhabiting a single littleleaf linden (Tilia cordata). Ana's wonderful project is at http://www.treebarkrecipes.com, my imaginary katydid contributions is at Gampsocleis glabra.

Screenshot from TreeBark Recipes website

◊ Ambient Isolation: Dawn Chorus day

In the early days of the COVID pandemic/lockdown, I participated in the first "Ambient Isolation: Dawn Chorus" project organized by Al Sirkett. Along with 67 other field recordists, contributors taped the morning "dawn chorus" of birds various locations world-wide, those recordings were then edited into a composition released on May 3rd, 2020 to celebrate International Dawn Chorus Day. My contribution to that project is still available on Radio Aporee. I don't think I appreciated it at the moment, but listening back to an hour-long field recording, not 20 miles from downtown Cleveland, there isn't a single airplane to be heard. That experience probably won't recur in my lifetime.

Listen to a longer (20 min.) excerpt the Dawn Chorus:

◊ Hydrophones

My hydrophone recordings from a remnant of the old Ohio & Erie Canal in Cuyahoga Valley National Park were a featured on Jin Hi Kim’s sound calendar project.

Screenshot from Jin Hi Kim's Sound Calendar website