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158 Dual Sine/Sawtooth Oscillator

Two independent oscillators in one unit. Frequencies are continuously variable from 5 cps to 20 kc and may be controlled internally or with externally applied control voltages. Waveshape is continuously adjustable from sine to sawtooth; oscillators may be wideband frequency modulated.

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Bill of Materials (value/qty)

  • Resistors
    • 1.0K x 4
    • 10K x 8
    • 150R x 2
    • 15K x 2
    • 1.5K x 16
    • 150K x 2
    • 220R x 2
    • 2.2K x 10
    • 2.2M x 2
    • 3.3K x 16
    • 33K x 2
    • 330K x 4
    • 47R x 2
    • 470R x 4
    • 4.7K x 8
    • 6.8K x 10
    • 2.2R, 1/2 Watt x 2
    • 1.0K Trimpot x 6
    • 50K audio taper pot x 4
    • 10K linear pot x 2
  • Capacitors
    • 47pF x 2
    • 22pF x 2
    • 910pF x 4 (can sub 1nf)
    • 4.7nF (polystyrene) x 2
    • 47nF x 2
    • 1uF x 2
    • 15uF tantalum x 2
    • 56uF tantalum x 4 (can sub 47uf)
    • 47uF tantalum x 2
  • Semiconductors*
    • 1N457 x 6
    • (MD708B) 2N5550 x 4
    • (2N4916) 2N5401 x 12
    • (2N3565) PN3565 x 14
    • (U147) 2N5020 2N5460 x 2
    • (E101) J201 x 2
  • Misc.
    • .156" 4-pin power header x1
    • DPDT Switch x


  • *Transistor substitutions:
    • Q1/Q2, NPN matched pair: MD708b is unobtainium - substitute 2n5550 (a matched pair of 2n3904 may also be used)
    • Q3, Q5, Q6, Q12, Q13, Q14, 2N4916 PNP: technically obsolute but pretty easily available NOS; 2N5401 would be a recommended replacement (check pin-out)
    • Q4, 2N3391 NPN: currently available from Mouser
    • Q6, P-channel FET: U47 is unobtanium, substitute 2N5020 2N5460 (thanks Mike Peake for the updated recommendation)
    • Q4, Q8-Q11, Q16-18, 2N3565 NPN: currently available from Mouser as PN3565
  • Some builders have substituted 2n3904 for all NPN and 2n3906 for all PNP transistors, across the board; I've not tried this yet myself.
  • C6 was orginally a 5-35pf trimmer capacitor; substituted a fixed 22pf
  • R35 was orginally a 3k3 fixed resistor; substituted a 5k variable resistor to trim signal feeding sine shaper (Mike Peake's suggestion)
  • Some builders have changed R45 from 3k3 to 4k7, to modify sine waveform


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