Deep Listening Study Group

Chinese pictogram for 'listening'

A free informal gathering to explore some of the ideas and practice of Deep Listening, an integrated sound practice originally developed by Pauline Oliveros. Established November 2019; Bbob & Kristen Drake, facilitators.

Our in-person monthly meetings are on haitus due to social-distancing restrictions. We have been trying virtual meetings via Zoom, and are looking at safe outdoor venues for the summer. Check our Facebook page, or sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates.

Some texts we'll be drawing from:

  • Oliveros, Pauline, Sonic Meditations. [scores] Baltimore, MD: Smith Publications, 1974. (download PDF). Original Deep Listening scores.
  • Oliveros, Pauline. Deep Listening: A Composer’s Sound Practice. NY: iUniverse/Kingston, NY: Deep Listening Publications, 2005. Core introduction to the integrated Deep Listening practice.
  • Gold, Heloise, Deeply Listening Body, Deep Listening Publications (2009). A compilation of movement practices.
  • Ione, Listening in Dreams: A Compendium of Sound Dreams, Meditations and Rituals for Deep Dreamers, iUniverse (2005). A guide to dream studies and the fascinating world of sound related dreams.