Geolocative Media

This hands-on workshop introduces simple tools that allow creators to easily build interactive sound walks. Using GPS, the technology interactively plays back pre-recorded sounds based on a user's outdoor location. Artists have used this to tell stories situated in natural areas; organizations use it to provide self-guided tours or provide location-based interpretive information.

Creators use simple online tools to define hotspots on a map, and then connect sound clips to each one. Users can then walk around within the exhibit area, using a free player app on their phones — as the enter each hotspot, the associated media files begin to play.

In this workshop, we'll introduce the concepts and potential uses of geo-located media, and then guide participants through the creation of a sound walk using the free Echoes authoring tool.

Here's an example of one of our Sound Walk projects, using geolocative media:

Cicada sound walk postcard