Analog Video Hacking

photo courtesy of Alison Coleman

An introduction to analog video art using low-tech and "obsolete" analog video technology. Partipants will assemble their own video glitch/distortion device (Vidiffektor kit provided), and then use it in combination with recycled video monitors and security cameras to explore video feedback and related effects.

The Vidiffektor is a circuit designed by James Schidlowsky in 2011. From the designer's description, "Basically, it slices up a composite video signal fed into the box, and adds several divisions of the signal back into it." Examples of the Vidiffektor in use can be found on Vimeo.

Construction of the Vidiffektor usually takes about an hour, and the rest of the session time is spent discussing analog video and playing with it in combination with other gizmos. We provide some video sources and displays available, but students are encouraged to bring their own (VCRs, DVD/media players, and security/video cameras with composite outputs, and small TVs/displays with composite inputs would all be acceptable—VGA or HDMI computer video sources would require an external converter).

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